• Electric Tomorrow - CHANEL Cruise 23/24

    Short film for CHANEL Starring Fumi Nikaido & Hiroya Shimizu


    NOWNESS Presents - Short Film (Seoul, Korea)


    Music video for The Dresscodes

  • CHANEL Metiers d'Art 2021/22 - Nana Komatsu

    CHANEL x madame FIGARO Japon

  • The End Of The World Party

    Mini Series for The Dresscodes / ドレスコーズ

    Starring Shuri, Ryohei Shima, Yuuka Koori

    Episode 1 : here

    Episode 2 : here

    Episode 3 and 4 : DVD and blu-ray only

  • Rihanna Secret Show

    Short Film

    Starring Saara Untracht Oakner, Jennifer Allcott, Rachel Trachtenburg, Ariel Hauck, Michael Kane

  • Bella Hadid for Miu Miu

    Net Content for Harper's Bazaar and Miu Miu

    Starring Bella Hadid

  • Home Is Where Your Heart Aches

    Short Film

    Starring : Nora Zehetner, Astrid Berges Frisbey, Finn Wittrock, Tom Lipinski, Michael Stahl-David, Ryan Eggold

  • 叫び(SAKEBI)


    Short Film

    Starring Shuri, Miyu Hayashida, Kaoru Okunuki

    Full film only in theaters

  • 明日なんてない (THERE IS NO TOMORROW)


    Short Film

    Starring Nana Komatsu

    Full film : here

  • Things To Scream At The Sun


    Short Film

    Starring Lauren Tsai, Mei Yan

    Full film : here

  • After You Comes The Flood


    Short film for MONO

    In collaboration with Apple

    Full film : here

  • Alice Sara Ott - Satie : Gnossiennes

    Music Video for Alice Sara Ott

    In collaboration with Cartier

  • Nostalgia


    Mini Documentary

  • A Summer Violence


    Short Film

    Starring Kiko Mizuhara

  • Ayami Nakajo - Chanel

    Net content for CHANEL

    Starring Ayami Nakajo

  • A Fall Violence


    Short Film

    Starring Lydia Graham

  • Positive Shadow Negative Light

    Music Video for Behind The Shadow Drops

  • Haruka Imou - portrait


  • Without You I'm Nothing

    Short film for Garis & Hahn Gallery, NYC

    Starring Ashley Smith

  • Poison Lips

    Official Music Video for Vitalic

  • The Shape of Art to Come


    Starring : Julie Gayet, Virginie Ledoyen, Linh-Dan Pham

    Full film : only available in theaters

  • Fade To Black


    Short film for Quai Branly Museum

  • From there all I can hear is the batting of your eyelashes

    Short film for CHANEL Japan

    Starring Astrid Bergès Frisbey