So the contemporary art is, from one perspective, a period of information disorder, a condition of perfect aesthetic entropy. But it is equally a period of quite perfect freedom. Today there is no longer any pale of history. Everything is permitted.
(After the End of Art : Contemporary Art and the Pale of History, A. Danto, 2000)

SACHA is the first work of art made in a capitalistic way . The product resulting of this work is Sacha, the good company sugar ©. It was commercialized in 2006. Price: 49€. The LLC SACHA is at the same time movement of the work and the work itself.
As movement, the company SACHA D. (company name registered at the French Registre de la Chambre du Commerce) oversees the creation, production and promotion of a concept-product whose brand, patent; patterns and models have been registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The supply of this concept-product is: « Sacha, the good company sugar © ».
Each sugar represents a sample of the work whose capital increases as the demand increases. This is the very first piece of contemporary with a capitalistic engineering.
No ideology underlies this work, apart from the demonstration that the logic of the market as self-regulated phenomenon is the new principle of action of the postmodern artwork: the work SACHA D. produces itself a work (the sum of all the samples) whose sale online or through the more classic dealership networks allows to let its own production mecanism function.

The work is thus a work of self-endengering defined in an indertermined term (until the economic equilibrium is reached) and in a blurred space (the market of pieces of art, of design, of games and toys as well as of the fashion accessories for the specific Japanese development of Sacha).

Sacha, the good company sugar © or the work produced by the work is not conscious of its market value. The communication about Sacha, the good company sugar © is carried out through the website-support which in no case mentions the process explained previously. The website describes exclusively the universe of Sacha, the good company sugar © and acts as a community intermediary through different interactive content elements which are evolutive and open access to all.
The new community that has come along on top of Sacha, the good company sugar © is completely unaware of the aesthetic project that is SACHA D.
SACHA, in capital letters, designates the total of the concept, this is to say the product « good company sugar », the creation, production and promotion company SACHA D. A concept and its aim as a community-based happening (with organization of events regarding Sacha).
Sacha is therefore a narrative dream, that can possibly be reduced to its core “company sugar”, which has become a market reality. It is a piece of mind that did not exist, and now does.
Some people might say that we could have create anything else.
To that we would answer:
1) You’re right
2) Do it yourself

Because it is fundamentally a free poetry. Meaning a peotry that sets its own production rules. And whose business model is nothing but the reflect of an era: there is no way to avoid the market rules.
If the whole work is inevitably depraved, Sacha, the good company sugar © is a market alcove, a boiling point, an abstract idea whose major revolutionnary action is the in vivo delivery of a concept.