Everything Has Already Existed is an installation. It was first showed during Julien Levy’s solo show at Acte2 Galerie in Paris.
50 1-minute-long videos played simultaneously. Each video was shot somewhere where something really bad happened to the artist.

« I have noticed that men forget very precisely the essential. It isn’t a period we forget. It’s not the actions. We easily remember every age, every moment, every event. However, within those, we forget the great and ethereal stretch of poetry, of violent emotion. Forgetting wipes out the sensibility of the instants. And it is that unrelenting levelling that suffocates you when you retrace your steps. »
The artist goes on to question himself on the Sysiphian evaporation of his emotions, by filming the absence and the act of forgetting, not as though they were a fact or a regret, but merely as a flow.