solo exhibition at Chanel Nexus Hall, Tokyo, Japan
June 28 – July 20, 2014

“Melancholic. Sentimental. Intimate.” are words that Julien Levy would implement in the description of his art.

“Modest. Dedicated. Demanding.” are words we would like to add to describe him. Julien, a rising star in contemporary art, came to the Visual World of Music from the punk scene, one day when his Dad had given him a “conventional” camera, a somewhat prehistoric tool in the hands of a young man of this digital century. He describes his parents with tenderness as « modest but highly cultivated », from whom he received another priceless gift to nourish his endeavours: they taught him that true wealth dwelt in the heart and that his capital was made up of emotional fibres woven with strands of humility and shaded with his ability to listen to others.

And then.. there is something more: Julien adores Beauty. He willingly allows himself to be ensnared by its wiles, and this does not hinder his lucidity: you cannot build a life with beauty alone, but you cannot live without it either. As an aesthete, he accepts the rigidity of rules and the pain of them. For this, he offers up his own emotions to our inspection, with modesty and discretion, brief glimpses offierce feeling that accompany seduction, desire, allure and the long silent sobbing of the broken heart, to which we are inevitably condemned when Beauty sets us out to pasture and retreats into the distance. It is up to us to painstakingly search, throughout the projection of faces that he has loved, for the modestly lowered glance over a consenting smile, which leaves one astonished by an imperceptible fluttering of the eyelashes that has broken his soul and that will remain as enduring grief in his ploughed heart.

Julien Levy’s work, through the emotions he arouses, offers us chaos and tempest, innocence and cruelty, elegance and cavalier ease, a previously unheard poetic eulogy to Beauty to which Chanel could not possibly remain indifferent.

Richard Collasse
Chairman and Executive Officer, Chanel KK